Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great Lakes Art Fair

We spent the afternoon at the Great Lakes Art Fair. It was at Rock
Financial Plaza, a huge affair. We walked up and down aisle after
aisle enjoying the art.

The first lady was from Bozeman, Montana, but I didn't get her
name--she was one of the first people I spoke to. At the end, we went
back to see her, hoping to purchase something and get her name, but
she'd packed up the things I was interested in.

The second guy is Carl R. Sams. He and his wife, Jean Stoick do
wonderful nature phtography and sell prints, books, movies and have
won a number of awards. We bought two books for the grandchidlren and
Carl signed them for us.

The third guy was the very first person I spoke to--his wife had made
that wonderful dancing lady, but she wasn't there at the time, and I
didn't get their names.

The final shot is of the landscaping around the fair--indoors. I took
it handheld with no tripod and the light was very low.

If anyone knows the names of the two people whose names I failed to
get, please let me know and I will post them.


B Squared said...

Looks like you had a nice time. They are always fun events to attend.

Connie Mettler said...

The man in the photo is ceramicist Jerry Berta from Rockford, MI, a well-known potter who has been doing art fairs around the country since the 70's. His wife is Madelyne Kaczmarczk, also a ceramist.

Glad you had a good time. The management of the event has changed and we hope to make it an event that people who love art and culture will not want to miss. Expect an even better event on October 16-18 when we do the Great Lakes Art Fair, Part II!.

The jeweler is Marcia Miller, a fixture of the event from Bozeman, MT, who loves the metro Detroit audiences.