Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More of the Same II

One more house from the same block as the last two--and there were LOTS more there and nearby, but this is the last of the series for now--too depressing to do more.

The Flower is another from the Village Market. I can't resist them at this time of year!

And my latest little sketch in m,y little 5 x 8 Moleskine sketchbook, done last night at the Coney on Mack and Moross. BB of course.

It's on the inside cover and flyleaf of the sketchbook. Click image to view larger. This is done in ballpoint pen and gouache on waxy yellow paper. I'm sorry I'm so far behind. I may have to give up blogging. I'll try to catch up if I get time, hopefully soon.


B SQUARED said...

Give up blogging? Say it ain't so...

Rose said...

I will miss you if you stop...but sometimes things change.

Mason Canyon said...

Life does have a way of slowing down blogging. Hopefully you won't quit, maybe just shoot for blogging one day a week until you catch up.

The photos and sketch are beautiful.

Kelly K said...

Love your photos of Detroit, even the depressing ones. Love the way you gave us some positive images, too. You have done a great job of capturing some of the best things about the Detroit area. Keep it up, please!

Jacob said...

I just scrolled down to the post before, which I missed. These photos (of houses) are incredibly depressing!

You've brightened things up, though, with the flowers, and your delightful drawings. Love the one of the Coed man!

Re: blogging - do what you can when you can...your friends will all understand!