Saturday, March 7, 2009

Michigan State Police Helicopter

Over Belle Isle. This was the sky before the clouds moved in
yesterday! I was going to post it for Skywatch Friday but I had way
too many of them.


Jacob said...

Very cool photo. Were they chasing anyone?

Greensboro Daily said...

Thank you for posting such great photos of Detroit. An article in the local Greensboro paper today talked about the emptiness of Detroit and Greensboro. Their spin was that it isn't as bad in Greensboro as our #4 in "emptiness" ranking implies.

We have to show the world that our cities can be great. As for Detroit, the last time Mr. GDP and I went to a Tigers game it was Greaaaaaattttttt!

B Squared said...

That can't be Detroit, The sky is clear.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Jacob: the helicopter was circling as if they were looking for someone.

Greensboro: Detroit is empty in some ways because of the great riots and fires. There is much empty land that was burned.

It is empty in another way, because of auto-industry layoffs and firings etc due tot he economy, there are many empty homes people have been forced to leave. And empty industrial buildings standing in ruin.

But it is full and rich in other ways with museums, colleges, and things to see and do.

B squared: the sky DOES occasionally clear over Detroit! LOL! As we speak, it is beginning to clear after days of rain. SUNSHINE!