Thursday, May 7, 2009

At Foster Birds Again

Foster Birds is an organization which, during hard times, helps people who have to move into smaller places where they can't have pets etc, but keeping the birds temporarily. Click the Foster Birds link to read more about it. They helped me out by giving me a cage for my
baby squirrel, which I will release back into the wild as soon as it's old enough, in about 5 weeks or so. I enjoyed meeting two of the African Grey parrots that belong to Theresa of Foster Birds. If you haven't already seen the other one and want to, click here or simply go to yesterdya's post.

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Marie said...

Oh Mary, j'adore les perroquets. My dream would be to have one. A friend of mine had one in Austin, TX. The bird could imitate my friend, that was so funny. I was fascinated.