Monday, May 11, 2009

Skip Gibson, Canoe Restorer

Skip Gibson lives near us and restores old canoes. This one he is
practically rebuilding from scratch, as it is so badly damaged. He is
teaching the boy the craft--I unfortunately forgot the boy's name--if
anyone knows, please tell me. The boy is a junior at South. I'm so
glad the old craft is being passed on to the younger generation. Skip
graduated from high school in 1951 if you want to do the math. He's
very interesting and informative and told us a lot about his work.
you can see a video of Skip Gibson on you tube here.


Lynette said...

Super series that catches an amazing moment in time, the connection between the man, the boy and the canoe. I like it!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much, Lynnette--I was so pleased!

Christopher Hall said...

Hi Mary, Wonderful post! There's nothing I love more than getting on the water and to see an old canoe get some TLC does my heart good!

Jacob said...

Not many craftsman like this around anymore. We had one showing his work at Silver Springs one year and I was quite impressed with his skill and workmanship.

B Squared said...

A vanishing art to be sure.