Saturday, May 1, 2010

The "Secret Garden" Again

The old abandoned gardens at the abandoned house on Canyon are in their glory now--if you call a plethora of weeds glorious. The flowers are wonderful.

I've been terribly busy, I'm sorry. :-(

Here are two of my recent quick sketches. THe first, Medusa when the curse first hits her, is in watercolor, the second in pigment marker and gouache. They are smaller than they appear here.


Mason Canyon said...

Beautiful flowers, so colorful. The paintings are wonderful as well. Thanks for sharing.

Thoughts in Progress

Jacob said...

It may be an old abandoned house, but nature stays on fusing the future with a riot of color!

And I really like both of your sketches, I think mainly because they are so expressive -- filled with a variety of emotions!

B SQUARED said...

Lots of Spring beauty, weeds or not.

Rose said...

Somebody loved that home at one time...planting all those flowers shows love.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Sure does--and I love seeing them now and appreciate it. I'd like to weed them, but I'm keeping my grubby paws off for fear of offending someone.