Thursday, August 9, 2007

On the point at Belle Isle

One of the very sad things about Detroit is the amount of garbage and trash the residents and municipality allow to collect--everywhere.
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WhiteLightning said...

Upon the viewing of the many pictures that you have on your website this is the worst and the fact that you assume the reason for the trash sitting there is because the residents of the city and whom ever in charge is at fault is totally ludacris. If trash is an issue for you, why take a picture? Why not pick it up? Your photo is not a form of art it is certainly the antithesis. I live in Detroit and I don't leave my neighborhood like that and I wouldn't represent my neighborhood in that manner. Obviously since there is such a negative depiction of the city, you must not live here. Furthermore, I have seen visitors from the surrounding suburbs downtown, in town and around town. One of the places that they visit most is Belle Isle. They thing that rubs me the wrong way is most of the "visitors" feels if it's not in "their backyard" it's okay to represent it so negatively. But yet and still it must be something good about the city to keep them coming back. To sum it all up, think before you snap a shot beacuse you will end up looking like an idiot.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I often pick up trash. I carry a bag and take other people's beer bottles and candy wrappers back and put them in my own trash and recycling. But because I am on foot and carrying camera gear, there is a limit to how much I can carry--I'm only one person.

I live here and I love Belle Isle and I wish OTHER people would also help. If everyone did their part, it wouldn't look like this--this is not from tourists, it's from locals who come here to fish.

Pam said...

My word, what spleen. What on earth was s/he reacting to? I saw nothing to stimulate such crossness. And -- even if s/he'd hated it, s/he could have been courteous.

Travis said...

I think it is obvious that by posting a picture like this one that you are expressing your caring nature for the place. You are hardly being disrespectful. I would expect to see photos depicting the downsides to city living on all the cityblogs. That person needs a reality check.