Friday, August 10, 2007

Razor Wire

This is only a block from my house. There's enough crime in Detroit that people are paranoid about it. We had a theft ourselves a few days ago, so I am upset about it myself.

Don't worry, I have lots of other really cool and good things to post, but I wanted to give a balanced look at my community.
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riniroo said...

We just came back from MI and IN. Watch my blog for some pics. We visited Shelby Twp, Sterling Heights, Lake St. Clair, Mt. Clemens and Port Austin. Lived in MI 10 years ago in Auburn Hills but worked downtown alot. I feel your pain.

Kelli K said...

wow. where do you live (neighborhood) . . . I used to live in Rosedale Park.

Strangetastes said...

I'm really glad to see a Detroit CDPB. There are still a few major US cities that are unrepresented or have gone inactive. I'll be visiting your town in a couple of months when my son runs the half marathon part of the Detroit Marathon.

This is a strong picture. It could be in Iraq, the perimeter of a military base, the US-Mexican border, a prison...or Detroit. The night shot is effective. Looking forward to seeing other aspects of your city.


Strangetastes said...
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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks for your visit riniroo, kelli and strangetastes. I live a half a block from Mack and the razor wire is a half a block the other way.

We walked to Lake St. Clair tonight, too dark for pictures, though I took a couple.

I'm new here, and the razor wire is something I never saw before.

Wendy said...

Not long ago, I saw a photo posted of razor wire that was protecting a home on a beautiful island. It seems to be a good deterrant, but it sure took away from their view of paradise. Something about blue skies and ocean waves, just don't look as lovely when theirs a spool of razor wire strung across the photo. I'm wondering in your photo what this razor wire is protecting? A home? A company? A prison? A neighborhood?

Marie said...

The photo is beautiful but it is a pity that people have to protect themselves that way. I am not Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I do not believe in "la bonté naturelle de l'homme."

We need that where I live. We dare not go out at night.