Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forgotten Detroit II

Empty lots (and lots of them). Hidden houses. And whole areas of the
city that never got plowed! Why? Why some streets and not others?


Strangetastes said...

Really good contrasts. There are lots of economic contradictions in your city. I particularly like the first one. It has a feeling similar to the picture I used as the banner of Detroit pictures I put on Flickr last fall.

Marie said...

Very interesting and very brave from you. I dare not show the bad aspects to Montpellier (there are a lot).

I am going to spend three months in Connecticut during the summer.

Anonymous said...

I like the almost hidden house, it adds mystery ;)

Jim said...

I thought the first pic was going to be the theme day for a second. whew.

I remember growing up, our neighborhood didnt get plowed. We were told we were not a "snow route" so it wasnt a priority.

Annie said...

Such scenes of established neglect really bring home the point about the condition of the economy there.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you all!

I've been working on my novel so I;m way behind again, so sorry!

Got two more chapters written, though.

Jilly said...

Love that first photo. says so much.

I wonder if the local council are going to buy up streets and rebuild? I've seen that happen in London. I imagine tho it's just a question of the economy and what it can and can't afford.

Sad when a house pretty much dies, isn't it? So many lives lived in it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

They can't even afford to plow the streets, so it is unlikely they will buy up old houses and fix them. What they do eventually is bulldoze them and leave it empty.

The gentrified folk have moved out to the suburbs, leaving the poorer folk, for the most part, in the city so the taxbase is compromised.