Friday, February 1, 2008


We went to the DIA yet again last night to see a movie, "Note by Note, the making of piano #L1037" at the DFT. (The Movie was very interesting, informative and good.)

At the DIA, I found myself enthralled by portraits of ladies in the European Gallery. I only got two names though, Lady Beechley and Baby by George Romney (#1) and Mrs. Alexander Campbell by Henry Raeburn (#3) I thought I was recording all the names and artists, but I missed a lot--again--I apologize. The fourth one is taken at a weird angle because of the reflections. I apologize for that, too.

There are three kinds o portraits in this gallery, whole body, half body, and bust or head. In the last picture, you can see examples of each.


Neva said...

A great series.....sonia
had art work today as well!

Anonymous said...

What Ladies they were then too! Or so the history books tell us ;) Imagine all those clothes! Well it's difficult here in the Summer ... :)

Jim said...

All of the paintings are nice. They look larger than life.

Jilly said...

How wonderful - these paintings. Lucky you being allowed to photograph them. Here, in a museum, I doubt this would be permitted. Super blog entry.