Thursday, April 1, 2010

Detroit Wildlife (and art)

Cute, huh?

A friend of mine recently posted a picture of a BOBCAT taken in her backyard. This is what passes for wildlife in Detroit--Norway rats. Yeah, they are cute. These are young ones. But they still carry the plague and other diseases and foul grain and steal food and chew holes in walls etc. And bite.

What follows is a potpourri of new art--if you call it that--my art is not always successful.

They are: Hellebore or "Lenten Rose," very quick sketch. I've misplaced my garden journal, so this is in my small sketchbook. BB staring and squinting into really bright light--we ate dinner OUTSIDE for the first time this year. Winter aconites, again in the small sketchbook, and part of a large painting I'm working on in acrylics.

BB grabbed my camera and stole a shot of me working on the hellebores. Keep in mind it's still March (or was, anyway, when I made these yesterday)--and in Detroit, March is not usually warm enough to lie on the ground outdoors in a short-sleeved shirt--which I was here.

Except for the first image, click the images to view them larger.


Mason Canyon said...

Nothing against your photos and photography skills, but I can't stand rats of any king or anything that resembles a rat. Snakes, spiders, etc don't bother me. Love the artwork and the bottom photo.

B SQUARED said...

And here I thought all the rats were at City Hall.

Jacob said...

Rats! Ugh.

Do like the paintings, though, very colorful...and I especially like the Coed dean squinting into the sun...and ain't it nice to lay on the ground once again!

Rose said...

I wish I had the gift of drawing and painting... I always enjoy seeing what you are doing.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you so much! :-D Woohoo!

I used to have Pet rats, but wild rats can be dangerous. They are kind of cute when they're little, though.