Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring at our house

I was away all day yesterday and never got on-line to comment--hope to catch up soon. Busy today, too. :-(

So sorry. Will catch up as soon as I can.

This is not a great picture by any means--it is our own front yard. In flower: tulips, daffodils, jonquils, pachysandra and azalea. Also a potted hydrangea.


Mason Canyon said...

I think it's a perfect photo. The color are bright and it definitely says "spring."

Thoughts in Progress

Wolynski said...

No wonder you've been busy tending to this lot. What a lovely way to live.

B SQUARED said...

Looks inviting.

R.Ferrari said...

Belo jardim.

Kelly K said...

Nice, looks like home . . . very suburban Detroit. Love the brick.

merrytait said...

Thanks to those of you who are still with me--I WILL TRY to catch up! THANK you for your kind comments.! :-D