Sunday, February 24, 2008

At the Y in Auburn Hills

Soldier Boy is home on leave from Iraq and we went to a party for him
at the Y. We brought our suits but never swam. Instead, we ate and
talked. This Y is really huge and new-fangled, not like the old Y in
Syracuse where I used to live. I took these with a point and
shoot--the setting wheel keeps getting bumped and I keep forgetting to
fix it. Sorry. I had my real camera in the car but never wne tout
for it--had my hands full of food ont he way in.


Commonly Cheap said...

I think your blog is interesting. I think that the photos are nicely taken.

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Jim said...

Very nice Y. The second pic looks like lighting hitting the water, but I can see in photo #1 is water coming out of a tube.

Marie said...

Nice post. I'm going to spend three months in Westport, CT. I wonder whether I can go to the Y there (I mean are Y's open to everybody?). I like exercising a lot (and I need it).

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what "Y" stands for! It looks like a large excerising building, well a building you work out in - the building stands still :)