Thursday, February 28, 2008

St. Paul's Cathedral

Taken at night with a tripod, from across the street, LOL. No
adjustments, straight from the camera. The color on the church is
from their floodlights. I tried to time it so that there were no cars
coming, but failed because the exposure was so long.

I am deeply submerged in my manuscript. I will try to catch up
somewhat on commenting later. Otherwsie, I may have to give up


Kim said...

A beautiful capture. I love the color you captured in the sky, the silhouette of the trees, and the golden light of the cathedral. The light trails from the moving vehicles give the photo a lot of interest and make it more intriguing for us viewers than a simply landscape shot might have been. Kudos!
Keep plugging away at your work, and keep sane while you're at it through your photography and posting. Don't worry about commenting; we'll all still be here when you get done ;^). Best to you,
Seattle Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

The whizzing of the cars makes no lessening to it being a great photo!!!

Jim said...

I love the picture, I love the lighting at night. I agree with Kim, keep posting the pics and dont worry about the commenting.