Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Henry Ford Museum

We went to the Henry Ford Museum today and took about 350 pictures.
Don't worry, I won't post them ALL.

It was freezing rain int he morning and pouring rain in the afternoon--a great day to spend in a great museum! The Henry Ford Museum is lots of fun, entertaining, educational, historical.

Outside view (through the window, because of the rain), how many lightbulbs can you light by turning a crank, "The road to happiness," and Lamy's diner--a real diner from Massachusetts inside the museum.

The Henry Ford Museum is located in Dearborn, Michigan, which is in the Detroit area (quite nearby).


Anonymous said...

Fords and Holdens were practically the only cars available in Australia when growing up. Think I read somewhere about 90 percent of cars on the road were Ford at some stage.

I'm having connection problems, so can only visit time to time until March which isn't too far away ... :)

Dick said...


Interesting museum, your inside pictures are really beautiful too. The second one is very funny.