Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Balduck Park in the Rain

Most but not all of our snow is GONE after two days of rain. We have
a few spots at the ends of the driveways. Instead of snow, now there
is water everywhere. It's grey and dismal. But if you look closely under the Balduck Park sign, there are the tips of flower leaves emerging! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Those look like ice sculptures in the first! Hhahhaaa. I'm taking a week off and when return hope to see more than tips of flower leaves!

Anonymous said...

I remember that Robin from yesterday. Still wow!

I don't care about the rain. We have had up to 10 inches in two days and rivers where grass used to be. And now they say we will have snow for two days.

I like your photos. I think they are well done. I just don't want the rain. Or snow.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Janet said...

That's a lot of standing water...spring arrives tomorrow!

Dick said...

We didn't have snow and now I don't want it anymore. I want SUNSHINE lot's of it. Nice pictures, that Robin is beautiful.