Thursday, August 14, 2008

Buoy Boat, Classic Car

From Belle Isle, which is part of Detroit, Michigan, you can see Windsor, Canada and watch the Canadian Buoy Boats servicing the buoys in the Detroit River. Also the party boats (and gulls--see yesterday).

Life goes on every day, and we're having fun--AND getting psyched for the Woodward Dream Cruise Classic Car parade and activities coming up Saturday, the day after tomorrow. We had to give up a chance to stay at the Radsisson Hotel (a nice hotel!) because Piano Boy has his Summer Select Choir concert tomorrow night, but we're looking forward to riding in the parade. Wahoo! Looks like a great, sunny and warm.

Motor City artists, musicians and producers with links to the early days of Motown and Detroit rock n’ roll, have collaborated to create a new, original song—Drive On!—for the Woodward Dream Cruise, as the group continues to work on completion of an entire CD of official cruisin’ music.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see this...Really nice one..

Thank you..
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