Friday, August 15, 2008

Tonight and Tomorrow

1)Go to a concert tonight and listen to Piano Boy sing!

2) Get up at 5:15 AM tomorrow morning and go to the Renaissance Center to be in the Woodward Dream cruise. Be there by 6:45 AM. Check out some of the cool classic cars that will be in the cruise! YAY! We will be guests of GM and riding in the 100+ GM car parade.

For the first time, the Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one-day automotive event, will feature an event logo conceptualized and created by a revered automotive designer. The 2008 logo—a tribute to the role of the Hot Rod in the history of cruisin’—comes from Dick Ruzzin, whose career spanned nearly 40 years, including serving as Director of Design for GM Europe and Director of Design for the Chevrolet Car Division, North America, respectively.

Ruzzin, who retired in 1998, is also known for the concept and creation of Eyes on Design, an annual automotive design exhibition, and the Design Forum at the North American International Auto Show. His signed, commissioned artwork will appear on all Official 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise merchandise.

“Many credit Edsel Ford with creating the very first hot rod back in 1916, which was a stripped-down Model T,” said Ruzzin. “As I created the new logo, I felt compelled to go back to cruisin’s very roots and draw a vehicle that wasn’t a specific make or model but, rather, was a vehicle image that would communicate the fun, excitement and classic lines of a number of the early hot rods.”

Said Don Tanner, Executive Director of the Woodward Dream Cruise: “As our event continues to evolve, we wanted a new logo that was an extension of that evolution. Dick’s work is a nod to both classic tradition and contemporary style. It is, as he intended, a work of automotive art.”

Here is a finished sketch in the sketchbook from the gull composit a couple days ago.

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Anonymous said...

There were really a lot of cool cars and trucks there, but after a while, you get a bit saturated! Great cars..

Thank you very much...
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