Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chandler Park

I went to Chandler Park yesterday for a walk and a change of pace. Chandler Park is an old traditional city park with picnic areas, a golf course and playground areas. There is also a water slide and aquatics area. The golf course and aquatics area are both fenced off from the main park and not available for easy walking. And there are no walking trails or sidewalks. But the park roads are usually not particularly busy and are quite wide and reasonably comfortable for walking. Of course, you should walk on the left facing traffic. Read more . . .

Today is my husbands 65th birthday, so I may not be online much.

Chandler Park Walk

A typical treed park, pleasant and spacious.


Montag said...

Wonderful, wonderful. I grew up on Chandler Park Drive, just around the corner from Finney School. The road runs from St.John's at 7 Mile and evaporates somewhere behind the Chrysler Jefferson plant ("largest electric light sign in the world!") where it becomes something-something, and then bends over into St. Jean - if i remember correctly.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I cross Chandler Park Drive almost every day--I live near there--over near St. John's end, near Balduck Park.