Thursday, January 26, 2012

Save the libraries!

I walked 48 minutes from my house to the library and back, not counting the time I walked around inside the library.

Our libraries are in danger because of republicans, the internet and people buying books for their reading pleasure--which is a good thing for authors, but a bad thing for the poor.

Our libraries and closing one by one.  DO you care?  I DO!!!  I use the library every week.  Saves me lots of money and helps people can't afford to buy books.  At the library, they are FREE to read.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY, read a book.  (From the library!)

AND get out and vote for the libraries!

(The first image is a pretty house between my house and the library.)


merrytait said...

Lowell, I'm behind, I'm writing a grant, but I saw you commented and I will catch up soon, I hope (after the first).

Lowell said...

Not to worry, Mary! I wish you luck on the grant.

I love that house guarded by the lions. And the library looks in wonderful shape. I don't use the library much, but they are very important for much on the population in our immediate area who are older and on limited incomes. Not only are libraries good for finding reading material but I think some of my friends use it as a social gathering place! :-)

merrytait said...

They teach you how to use a computer, too! I mean, for those folks who don't already know--at least in our area.