Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poetry at the Detroit Opera House

I went--BY MYSELF--(and got lost both coming and going)--to theDetroit Opera House to hear a poetry reading.

1)the Opera House
2)Opera house and people mover
3,4,5)Poets reading their work

I will be away again Saturday though Saturday, August 2-9 or 10. We will be in upstate NY with my family burying my folks.

When I return, I will be attending the Woodward Dream Cruise with Biker Buddy as a guest of GM and will be blogging about it.

I have been away a lot and am behind. I hope to catch up on commenting, but I have to go to the store as we are out of food, and catch up and crucial things at home. Hope to visit you soon!

If you like poetry, you can read a poem that I wrote during my vacation to the UP. The descriptions in the poem are about stuff we actually saw and heard while there.


Anonymous said...

"burying my folks"?

Shall await for your return :) I wrote a poem in the comments of today's 'English Garden' post too! Not as serious as these poets appear to be! HAHA ;)

Kris McCracken said...

Very brave to be able to read it aloud. I’ve posted a couple of my old ones on my blog this week after prompting, that alone took courage, and there was nobody to jeer me there!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

We're leaving Saturday, I guess. I may be on between now and then.

My Mom died last year and My father in 1998 and we've decided it's time for an interment.

I also have a pinched nerve in my neck to computing hurts.

I'm always nervous reading.

No one took a picture of me. But there is a link to my poem (the one I read.)