Friday, October 24, 2008

BFF award

I have just received the BFF award from JM of Oeiras and environs
daily photo
. Thanks so much, JM, for thinking of me. According to
the rules I have passed the award to the following five bloggers:

Marie of Montpellier Daily
Dick of Eye on Texel
Old Man Lincoln of Brookville Daily
Jilly of Menton Daily
and Blue Rose of Metamorphosis.

Sorry about the second post in a single day but I didn't know about
this when I posted the other and it's a special occasion.


Jilly said...

Many congratulations, Mary and thanks so much for nominating me - I'm highly honoured - I already had the nomination twice and so I must get on with my choices. Where do the hours in the day go? I will work on my five choices tomorrow.

Dick said...

Hey Mary

Thanks for the nomination, I appreciate it but I have mixed feelings about awards so I won't do anything with it, hope you don't mind!!!!!!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

That's fine, probably an excellent policy--I have mixed feelings myself. But it didn't occur to me to not do it.