Friday, October 19, 2007

Renaissance Center and Detroit Skyline

Another night shot of the skyline. Click image to view larger.

8 more random facts for Joy:
  1. I'm a pretty good cook. I cook almost all meals from scratch using fresh ingredients.
  2. I did not vote for George Bush this time or last nor did I vote for his father.
  3. I like going barefooted.
  4. I love loving and being loved. And I am lucky to have a loving man and son and daughters and friends. YAY!
  5. I studied wild horses, and free-ranging ones--on foot.
  6. I used to be an animal rehabilitator.
  7. Today is Biker Buddy's birthday and yes that IS about me--as I need to go cook!
  8. I miss my daughters who are more than 400 miles away! WAHN!
8 more random facts for Jenny:
  1. I have two computers on and run back and forht between them. Ones upstairs and one's down so it's a pain.
  2. I love bluegrass music.
  3. I love Mozart.
  4. I am a certified Reiki practitioner.
  5. I talk to the Great Spirit every day. She's native American but loves me anyway.
  6. I just repotted my geranium and some ivys.
  7. I try to do more multitasking than I am actually capable of.
  8. I recently moved and have no close local friends and am sad about that.
  9. I am making a pancake with dried blueberries because the store was out of fresh ones and I am still not tagging anyone--if you haven't done it yet, do it and let me know.
8 more random facts for Nadine:
  1. I am wearing an apron. I almost always wear an apron when I cook.
  2. I am making macaroni and cheese and chocolate tapioca pudding, both of which I'm allergic to. That's because I often don't cook foods I'm allergic to so Biker Buddy misses them.
  3. I just got a suspension order for my car registration and plates even though I turned in ALL the appropriate papers AND received back a form saying they had all been received. They are threatening to revoke or suspend my driver's license which is recipricol to my new state EVEN THOUGH I sent them what they requested and received a receipt for it. I am wasting 41 cents to send them back their stupid receipt.
  4. Even good cooks mess up sometimes and I am no exception.
  5. Though I usually eat only whole grains, today I am eating white elbows from the macaroni and cheese for Biker Buddy. YUM!
  6. Murphy and I have a lifelong, very close, annoying relationship.
  7. I still have the skin of the hamster I skinned when I was a kid. (It died first.)
  8. When I was 17, my parent let me go out with a man who was 32.
the first 8 random facts and rules.

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Marie said...

You are better at taking photos at night than I am. Very beautiful!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks. It is kind of grainy because of the low light.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely evening shot. It's difficult for me to capture something like that from a distance with my point and shoot.

By the way, you've been tagged! Please go to Norwich Daily Photo to see the rules posted today, 19 October.

Your Love Coach

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks Joy. You take lots of nice shots! :-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing it, Mary! I like cooking and baking, too. And people say I'm good at it. Glad to know you didn't vote for them. If I could vote there, I'd support a democrat.

Your Love Coach

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Cooking and baking are fun and reward--most of the time! LOL! YAY!\YEBA!

Bob Crowe said...

Mary - inspirational picture. I'm in the airport in STL and will arrive in Detroit late tonight. New adventures!

I got tagged several times but only posted one set of answers. You are more conscientious and harder working.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling REALLY hungry right now! It's breakfast time here and homemade PANCAKES would suit me fine! That's a beautiful photograph, I love the night atmosphere and 'glow' :)

Steve Cuddihy said...

very nice shot. I like this one.

Mike said...

VERY pretty. A beautiful skyline.

Quick Snap 365

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much Strange Tastes, Anonymous, Slinger and Mike for your visit and comments. Strange tastes, I hope you are having fun in Detroit. We went to Belle Isle today so we weren't home part of the day. Do hope you're having fun. Anonymous, I make pancakes every day, so stop by.