Monday, July 28, 2008

SS City of Milwaukee

We toured the S.S. City of Milkwaukeee which is a national Historical
Monument/Park located in Manistee, Michigan, USA. The first City of
Milkwaukee went down in a storm. This was railroad car ferry and
these only a few of the pictures we too--probably about 200 pix! It
was VERY interesting. The man in two of the pictures who is not Biker
Buddy was out tour guide. He gave us SO much information!!!! I could
never remember it all, I should have taped it! One thing he told us
was that the lifeboats never saved any lives because they took too
long to deploy. The railroad car ferries saved the railroad a lot of
time and were very important until new tracks and hubs were laid
through Chicago and then they became obsolete. The SS Milwaukee was
one of the best and fastest and had engine improvements that allowed
it to be more const effective and therefor ran longer than many of the
others. 7/10/08

Been away for a couple days. And--advance warning--am leaving
Saturday or Sunday for Upstate NY for a week.


Marie said...

"Je vous emmènerai sur mon joli bateau"......

(the title of a song in the opérette "L'auberge du cheval blanc"......)

I couldn't help thinking of it when I saw the smile of your husband seemingly inviting your to join him on the ship :-)))

Anonymous said...

HAHA I know what it's like wishing there was a tape recorder! My favourite image is the second - perfect in every way. Your life is so BUSY in a very fun way, I'm glad you're showing us a lot of it :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you both so much for your very kind comments! :-D