Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Black RIver in November: Let's Hear it for Erosion

Erosion is doing a number on the bluffs above the Black River. Erosion also created the river valley. We rode our motorcycles up there, north of Detroit. It's lovely at this time of year--or any other, but some hunter yelled at us for "scaring the deer." We were in a public area.

We are leaving tomorrow for Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for our annual Veteran's Day weekend waterfall and escarpment tour. I may or may NOT be able to get on-line while I am gone and if I do, I may post Detroit photos or "road show" photos, depending on if I have time to download any new photos I've taken. We'll be be back Tuesday, have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Hi Mary,

This looks as a fantastic place to visit.

Enjoy your trip to Canada.

Best regards

V said...

You are a brave couple to venture into the forest during deer season! Especially without wearing hunter orange.

Looks like a great area to visit. I didn't know about it. Thanks!

Lowell said...

Deer me, he shouldn't have yelled at you.

This is a very interesting area. And, I'm so surprised that this same guy seems to be everywhere! Amazing!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It is really beautiful. Deer season opens there on the 15--today, so it was only musket season and bow season that were open. We won't go again until deer season is over. And since it was a beautiful day,w e weren't the only ones wandering about in the woods.